Terms and condotions

The following Terms of Use (hereinafter - the Rules) regulate the contractual obligations between all users of the website www.asmylfoto.lt (hereinafter - MYLIU FOTO) and the service provider UAB Copy Pro (hereinafter - Users) (hereinafter - Users). the text is the Supplier), company code 302539490, VAT payer number LT100005611519; registered address - Gedimino ave. 33, LT-01104 Vilnius (hereinafter - the Supplier).

Before using the website services, the User confirms by reading the I ♥ PHOTO Terms of Use. The Rules become binding on all users who have accepted the terms of the Rules, thus committing to use the website in accordance with the specified Rules.

Terms of use are subject to change at any time without notice.

The current version of the terms and conditions will always be available at www.asmylfoto.lt

1. Service
A User who is registered with I ♥ PHOTO is assigned a User Account in which the User uploads his digital photos, stores them in his account, and uses the templates prepared by I Service Provider I ♥ PHOTO to create special, personalized ones. photo cards that you can add with your own individual comments.

The Service Provider provides the imprint and binding of the user-created product using the Service Provider's materials (paper, photo book covers, spiral), the specification of which can be found on the website according to the description of the respective service.

2. Use of Services
Each user must register on the I ♥ PHOTO website with their name and surname, active e-mail. Postal address, residential address and telephone number to ensure delivery of the order at the request of the user. The consumer must provide correct and clear information.

The User Account is created by assigning a User Name and Password, which are sent to the User via the User-specified e-mail. Postal address.

After entering your username and password, activating the "Log in to the system" button, you will be able to use your user account and I ♥ PHOTO services - upload personal digital photos, keep them in your account for 3 months, create products tailored to your own photos and texts.

The user is responsible for the confidentiality of the received username and password.

The Service Provider is not responsible for the content, origin, copyright, or intellectual property rights infringement of the digital images posted to the I ♥ PHOTO account and is the sole responsibility of the user.

The user must ensure that the uploaded images comply with applicable laws, in particular regarding pornography, violence, pedophilia, and intellectual property rights.

The User undertakes to indemnify for any losses, including penalties, that may be incurred by any person of I ♥ PHOTO by downloading and posting images in violation of these Terms, applicable laws, or any other illegal activity through his I ♥ PHOTO account that the User has responsible.

The Service Provider reserves the right to report any violations of the above laws and regulations, to refuse to publish digital images without giving reasons for the refusal and to close the User's account by deleting its contents.

3. How to place an order
The order is placed on the I ♥ PHOTO website via the User's account.

The User may also place the order in person by visiting the Service Provider's premises - Gedimino ave. 33 and Pylimo st. 22D, Vilnius, by filling in the Order form.

The user uploads their digital pictures and creates personalized photo products - photo books, calendars and photo cards with their photos, texts and pays for the order on the website I ♥ PHOTO

Questions about ordering? Contact the specified contacts in the "Contacts" section.

4. Production terms
Ordering on the website I ♥ PHOTO starts after receiving the payment confirmation. Production takes 2-3 days.

5. User login content
The user is allocated 2 GB of space. In the account, the User can upload and store his digital photos using the templates prepared by the Service Provider I ♥ PHOTO to create and store personalized photo books, calendars, photo cards.

User login is not intended for permanent storage of using digital images. The original or copies of the images used in the project must be stored by the User in his personal data storage system. I ♥ PHOTO is not responsible for any loss of the User's account.

The Service Provider reserves the right to close the User's account and delete its contents if it contradicts the requirements of regulatory enactments.

I ♥ PHOTO user login content is stored for 3 months. At the end of this period, the service provider has the right to delete all or part of the account stored for a specified period of three months.
6. Privacy
The User's personal data, which has become known due to the User's registration, is necessary for the execution of the order, delivery of the order, preparation of payment documents, therefore the Service Provider reserves the right to use and manage the User's personal information.

The personal data provided by the User will be used to create a database of Service Providers, where the Order will be sent to the User in order to inform about the progress of the order and possible problems, inform about new I ♥ PHOTO services and news.

By agreeing to the Terms of Use, the User agrees to receive information about I ♥ PHOTO. The user may decide to stop receiving such information at any time by clicking on the email. The link provided in the letter.

The Service Provider undertakes to ensure the privacy and protection of the User's personal data without disclosing or transferring them.

7. Intellectual property
Digital photos provided by the User remain the property of the User.
By agreeing to these terms, the User declares that all intellectual property rights are respected by uploading the selected digital photo to his / her profile.

8. Liability
I ♥ PHOTO websites Users know that they use I ♥ PHOTO services and use them voluntarily.

The Service Provider is not liable for any losses (financial, lost profits, any losses, etc.) incurred by the User or third parties through the Website.

The Service Provider shall not be liable for any failure of the User to connect to the Website or for any termination of the Link, in particular for losses incurred due to the malfunctioning of the Website; due to errors in data transmission; on data transfer speed; When loading data, the link is broken due to data loss or transformation; viruses, regardless of their origin, due to illegal actions of third parties; possibility to connect to the whole I ♥ PHOTO website.

The Service Provider undertakes to make every effort to make the Service available at all times so that I ♥ PHOTO users are informed about any connection failures and their duration.

I ♥ PHOTO is not responsible for data loss and/or damage. The user must store the originals or copies of the uploaded digital photos, files on personal computers, or other media.

If the images or other data are provided on a disc (CD), the Service Provider shall replace the damaged CD matrix with a completely new, blank matrix, with equivalent value if the CD matrix is ​​damaged.

For the convenience of users, links to other EU websites I ♥ PHOTO are not responsible for the content of these websites.

Taking into account that the Order is concluded by the User's order, it is not replaced, the User does not have the right to cancel the order (Item 15 of Cabinet Resolution No. 207 of 28 May 2002 of the Republic of Lithuania).

The User has the right to demand the amount of money paid for a specific Order, or to replace the Order with another Order or to reduce the price if the Order is made in violation of the terms of the contract.

If the Service Provider is unable to fulfill the Order, the Service Provider shall refund the amount within 30 days, which shall be transferred to the User's bank account, which the User uses for payments with I ♥ PHOTO.

The Service Provider is ready to perform any services offered on the I ♥ PHOTO website as specified by the User. In case the EU does not have a specific PHOTO product or specific raw material in stock, I ♥ PHOTO undertakes to contact the consumer by phone or e-mail within 3 working days of placing the order and inform when the product or raw material will be purchased or offer an alternative or return to the User for Orders the fee paid.

9. Price
Registration, photo, and project storage are free.

The price of the service is indicated in I ♥ PHOTO, in the catalog of the respective service. Prices are in euros (EUR) and include value-added tax (VAT).

Shipping costs are not included in the price of the service. The shipping price is indicated in the "Terms of Delivery" catalog of the website. Prices are in euros (EUR) with VAT.

The order can be picked up free of charge at Gedimino ave. 33 and Pylimo st. 22D, Vilnius.

10. Delivery of the order
You can receive your order in two ways:
1. The user personally or his representative - Gedimino ave. 33 and Pylimo st. 22, Vilnius, indicating the order and invoice number.
2. By courier to the delivery address specified by the user.

Delivery services are provided on weekdays through an external delivery supplier.

The delivery time of the order is calculated taking into account the time of execution of the order, the method of delivery and the address provided by the user when placing the order. The delivery price of the order is determined by the location where the delivery address is located.

The prices of the delivery service are indicated in euros (EUR), including VAT, in the catalog of the respective service.

The order must be delivered to the consumer within 6 working days from the moment of placing the order, i. Y. From payment confirmation.

The delivery time of the order may be extended if the service provider does not have the specific product in stock, due to force majeure or due to the fault of a third party (eg the Shipper).

The Service Provider undertakes to make every effort to inform the User in a timely manner.

When choosing the delivery of the Order, the User must indicate the exact and current delivery address of the Order. In case the delivery address cannot be found and the recipient cannot be contacted, the Service Provider is not responsible for the undelivered order.

The User shall cover all costs related to the return of the Order to the User. The consumer must open the consignment upon receipt of the order, inspect it and, if the consignment is of poor quality, immediately mark the delivery confirmation of the consignment, write a deed in 2 (two) copies signed by the consignee and the supplier, one copy left with the supplier. If no such notice is received, the Order shall be deemed to have been delivered without damage.

If the user has not received the order within 14 days from the specified delivery date, he will send I ♥ PHOTO e-mail. A letter indicating the order number.

11. Payments
There are 2 ways to pay for orders:
1. in person, in cash, if the User has personally submitted an order to Copy Pro (Gedimino ave. 33 or Pylimo str. 22D, Vilnius) by filling in the order form;
2. exclusively and only with payment cards (Visa, MasterCard, VisaElectron and Maestro), if the order is placed I ♥ PHOTO

12. Closing a user profile
I ♥ PHOTO reserves the right to close the User's profile if the User violates these Rules by deleting the Username and password issued during registration.

13. Suggestions and claims
If the User becomes aware of violations of other I ♥ PHOTO rules committed by other Users, or if the User wishes to inform, make claims, make recommendations regarding I ♥ PHOTO, we offer articles.
To close your user profile, send a request to this email. Postal address: info@asmylfoto.lt

14. Dispute Resolution Procedure
All disputes arising from these Terms and Conditions, between I ♥ PHOTO and the User, must be resolved through negotiations. If disputes cannot be resolved through negotiations, they must be resolved in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.